17 May 2009

Screw You, NBC

NBC renewed Chuck. Finally. I know I should be happy about that. But if I could just make one complaint....

They're cutting it to 13 episodes and restricting the budget. The budget!? This is the same network that is going to have Jay Leno on EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. Are they blowing all of their money on him?

I really hope that Jay Leno experiment fails. Looking at NBC's schedule is ridiculous - there are all of 4 sitcoms (all on the same night) and a handful of shows. How lame. Soon they will cease to exist.

And when that happens, I hope Chuck moves to the CW.

1 comment:

Anne said...

I know, they cut all of their shows' seasons and budgets. >:( Bastards. By the way, you were right about Angels and Demons - I'm really glad I didn't spend any money on that drivel.