16 May 2009

Angels & Demons

No thanks. This is another one of those movies I watch for love. My husband wants to see it, and it doesn't look too painful, so I go. Ugh. I didn't like The DaVinci Code much either and I'd put this right on par with that one. Pseudo-intellectual bollocks that thinks if you confuse the audience they'll think you're smart. Robert Langdon solves everything far too quickly and conveniently, and of course he's the only one to witness things and survive and the like. I really can't believe Tom Hanks and Ron Howard got roped into this crap. Anyone could star in it; anyone could direct it. There's nothing mind-blowing or special here.

There are 56 false endings and only 2 cool scenes. I don't want to give anything away to say what they are, but there are literally only 2 scenes I thought were done well.

I didn't go into the movie expecting much, and I wasn't surprised. Skip it!

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