02 May 2009

Wolverine Was Good Enough For Me

I'm into Hugh Jackman's body. There, I said it. Sometimes it's all the entertainment you need. Luckily, there's enough going on in X-Men Origins: Wolverine besides that, in case you're not as into it. But face it - you know you are. It's on point, people. On point.

ANYWAY, the movie is just as entertaining as any of the other X-Men movies. If you don't need anything besides fighting and superpowers, you're good. And that's all I need. Liev Schreiber is kickass as Sabretooth too - I really liked him.

This was a good kickoff movie for the summer season. Light, fluffy, special effects, biceps. It's just going to get better from here on out. This summer is going to be great!


Kim said...

And what about Ryan Reynolds???! Geez, you really are a lesbian!

Garcia said...

And after the negative buzz on the internet I thought it was pretty good too.