06 April 2009

24: Jon Voight Is Certifiably Nuts!

Larry, Tony, and their SWAT pals are trapped by Starkwood commandos. Jon Voight shows up all, "I want you damned kids off my lawn! And also, watch me as I overact!"

Jack figures out that the Chairman of Starkwood was working along with the Senator to try to bring down his own company. Since Jack is now a desk jockey, he makes the call to him. The Chairman wants to cooperate, so Tony slips off into the shadows to meet with him. He leads Tony to the weapons, and pays for that with his life. Jon Voight bashes him in the head with a big crystal decanter and throws him over a railing. Nice!

Tony takes out two bad guys simultaneously. HAVE I MENTIONED LATELY HOW MUCH I LOVE TONY AND AM GLAD TO HAVE HIM BACK!!! He takes a Man Purse of Death and a Big Ass Gun. Tony gets a visual on the weapons, Jack confirms, and fighter jets are scrambled to Starkwood.

Jack has the shakes. And I think the President wants to make out with him. The doctor suggests some new stem cell treatment to cure whatever it is he has. He needs a donor. TIME TO BRING BACK KIM!

The reporter that the First Daughter used to bang gets all threatening with her, wanting to know what's up with the WMDs. She tells him everything and gives him a piece to keep him off her back. It's OK, Aaron is her Secret Service detail, and Aaron will expose her for the bitch she is. Just you wait. He already looked like he could smell the sex on her.

Jon Voight calls the President directly when he discovers the jets are on their way. And she takes his call. WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS! And we certainly don't take their phone calls. He flat-out blackmails her and tells her to turn the jets around or he'll blow up some cities. And she does it! Like, literally goes running into the room to call off the air strike. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. WOMEN SHOULD NOT BE PRESIDENT!! Weak. And she knows it.

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