29 April 2009


Freak of the Week: Guy goes clubbing, guy picks up girl, girl breaks guy's neck with a quick twist of her hands, girl rips out his spine and removes the spinal fluid. You know, the usual story.

The corpse reminds Walter of shrimp cocktail - it's like the guy was deveined. Nice analogy, Walter.

The killer is infected with an ancient strain of syphilis. It's traced to a weird scientist whose wife was infected by the ZFT terrorist group. She's the one picking up dudes and eating their spines with her nasty, two-sets-of-teeth. The scientist had been feeding her his own spinal fluid for a while - now he's in a wheelchair with no more to give. Gross.

They catch the chick at a club and manufacture an antidote out of whatever spinal fluid the guy has left. I don't need to see any more spines and spinal taps. I've reached my quota. The wife is saved but the husband dies as a result of the experiment. It was his choice, but I still feel so bad for Walter. I hope he got a signed consent form from the guy.

Before he died, the guy gave Olivia a list of ZFT members. The funds behind ZFT: William Bell.

Pacey's Quote of the Week: At the club: "I'm looking for someone with syphilis." Best rejection line ever.

Walter's Quirk of the Week: Offering cookies to the guys that bring the corpses to his lab. He also uses a Clapper to control the lab's lights.

This week's code: EIGHT. What? You can't just leave it there. Eight what?

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