28 April 2009

24: Stop Bringing Up Bill!!!

A. Go Caps.

B. 24.

Even with his vocal chords seizing, Jack can still get out an APB on Tony. Jack is the martyr, naturally, wracked guilt because he vouched for Tony.

The dude Tony was working with tries to double-cross him, but Badass Tony will have none of that, kicking the dude's ass and suffocating him with a shower curtain. I don't like new murderous Tony. :(

The undercover-lawyer chick from last week shows up at Tony's hotel, and I guess dead bodies in the bathroom make her horny. Her group wants to wait 6 months until the next attack, while Tony wants to "finish the job" and take down the U.S. while it's vulnerable.

This chick has a middle-of-the-night video conference with her shady people and they agree to attacking today. The plan is to use the canister and blame it on a Random Middle Easterner. Attacking the U.S. makes Tony horny.

Jon Voight doesn't get the pill all the way down. Jack goes to interrogate him, offering him a slot in the witness protection program. Voight doesn't know who the greater group is though, he doesn't even know the name of that chick who served as the intermediary.

The CTU servers have to be reopened in order to access a list of terrorists. (Really? CTU goes away and you don't back that list up somewhere?) Chloe to the rescue!!

Tony and his chick go to the Random Brown Guy's house. They plan to force him to do some incriminating stuff and then kill him so they can plant his body at the scene and frame him. The episode ends there.

This mother/daughter President/Chief of Staff dynamic sucks. Are you having a family argument or are you running a freaking country!? This President is going to be back next season too. Boo. Unless she grows some balls.

Shout-out to 24 for the brief gay action though! Cuz that guy who Olivia called totally had a dude sleeping next to him, right? It's also late and I could be imagining things. And when I imagine things, they tend to be gay.

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Karen said...

I don't like the new Tony either. Stop killing people!!! I think they are bringing up Bill because they'll have Karen meet with the Pres in the final episode. My guess is Kim is back at the CDC doing the stem cell treatment without Jack's permission...