13 April 2009

Heroes: The Past In Black and White

1961. A time of hippies, free love, and medical experimentation on people with superpowers. A simpler time. When people were bussed to internment camps in the mountains.

Angela and her sister Alice (whose powers are stolen from Storm from the X-Men) are welcomed at the camp by Mohinder's Papa. They meet Charles Deveaux, Linderman, and Ned Ryerson. Jesus, it's like Heroes: The High School Years. Or Hogan's Heroes Babies. Only with the lame characters. Actually, Young Charles is quite hot. So color me interested.

Aside from the flashbacks, there's loads of Petrelli Family Bitching. Which, in case you didn't know, makes a burgeoning headache even worse. And Mohinder shows up, because of course he found a file in his father's files that mentions Coyote Sands. The file is redacted with lots of blackouts, mind you, but the Top Secret Location is just hanging out there. Mmm-kay.

Angela meets up with her Not-Dead Sister Alice, who looks a bit witchy. I suppose if you've been living in a bomb shelter for 50 years, that'll happen. You'll also become a crazy hoarder, if the number of newspapers is any indication.

So it turns out that Alice's Storm powers triggered things like Dr. Suresh slapping her, her dad fighting back, gunfire, etc., etc. There was no purposeful mass extermination then? Oh, and Angela loves socks so much because her sister's feet were cold one time. Good lord.

And in the end they leave the desert after re-burying the bodies which they dug up... why again? And what did they accomplish? Alice shows up, freaks out, disappears again, and then everyone goes out for fries. The end.

Except there was one good bit at the end when they're all in the diner - watching "Nathan" on TV giving a press conference. It's Sylar. Ha!

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