13 April 2009


Finally caught up on last week's Dollhouse and it was sooo good! Hearing that this show might be canceled is Thing No. 657 that has made me bitter this week.

The main plot revolves around a spy in the Dollhouse who has been tampering with the implants. So I assume the spy is the one who sent Mellie back to Agent Helo with a message. It was creepy-cool - they were hanging out and then suddenly it was like a switch flipped. She was all, "This body has been sent to you with a message. She is a sleeper agent. Don't tell her anything about your investigation. You need to investigate why the Dollhouse exists." Meanwhile, Agent Helo has one of those paper/Post-Its/strings charts on his wall, the kind that signifies Nutsy Obsessive.

Sierra is imprinted to find the source of the chip, which is tracked to the NSA. She breaks in to the NSA taking the place of an Asian employee. Because, you know, all rook same. (And they must. Because it worked.) She gets the name of the mole on some kind of top-secret invisible paper. No really, it was like one of those transparencies from the projector in high school with digital information encoded on it.

While she's out, Hot Geek imprints Echo to investigate the spy from within the House. It ends up being Head of Security Close-Eyes, who worked for the NSA. Attic Time! His mind is wiped and stored onto a disk while his body is stored somewhere else. Good. Get those too-close eyes away from me.

In other news, the Dollhouse Madame is even more of a Minxy Cougar than I thought. Turns out she's been hiring out Victor - for fencing and sex. Minx!

And in the saddest note, Boyd is no longer Echo's Handler!!! He was promoted to Head of Security. But nooooooooo! I can't have them broken up!! He's bummed about it too. Though the only silver lining is that the show brought in their 85th Asian cast member for the new Handler. I love this show.

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