29 April 2009


In the 70s, Daniel shows up to the Dharma camp (he had been on assignment in Ann Arbor). He tells Jack that his mother was wrong and that they don't belong there. He tells Dr. Chang that he's from the future and everyone needs to evacuate the Island because their drilling has unleashed an electromagnetic something-or-other. And he tells him that Miles is his son.

Daniel goes off with Kate and Jack to find the Others so he can find his mother. First he stops off to see Charlotte as a little girl. And reminds Jack and Kate that they are in "their present" and so any of them can die. And gives me a headache explaining how, despite that, he's going to change the events that lead up to their plane crash by detonating the hydrogen bomb on the Island. I don't understand how he can change that, and have the flight not-crash, and still exist on the Island. If the flight never crashes, they never end up on the Island, right? Would they suddenly just disappear? I'll just wait to have it spoon fed to me.

Unfortunately, Daniel won't be testing his theory because he gets shot -- by his own mother! She knew all along that this was going to happen, that she was going to kill her own son. He looks dead to me. R.I.P. Jeremy Davies. I had just decided to use your character's name and everything. How sad.

There was a random clip from Star Trek during the break. Looked more like Starship Troopers Goes to the North Pole. Thank god it didn't give too much away - I'm on Media Blackout.

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