25 April 2009

The Duel II Is Too Predictable

Brooke wants to stay here as long as she can. So she's out this episode, right? Right.

Hey, Rachel: What's a hair nail (since that's what Paula beat you by)? And if you have one, please see a doctor.

Landon and Ruthie win the challenge. I do love this "who is picked last" nonsense. It's good stress on people. Last picked: Brooke and Davis. Davis brings in Evan, Brooke calls out Brittini.

The boys gets a puzzle, much to Evan's dismay. He wanted to beat the crap out of Davis. Big dummy.

Bye-bye: Brooke (duh) and Davis (see, Evan, nothing to worry about, get the sand out of your vagina).

Was it just me and my headache or was this episode boring? I don't care about the Paula and Evan dramalama. Probably because I can't stand Paula. Though now they made it look like everyone's gunning for Evan and I don't like that.


Kim said...

I was rooting for Evan to go home. And no, this show will never be boring to me!

Lauren said...

Do you notice how Brad is always so serious? He contemplates the game like he's trying to figure out the mysteries of the universe. I enjoy it. :)