15 April 2009

Lost: Sixth Sense Edition

Ooo I forgot - a Miles-centric episode! I love Miles. He's snarky and he talks to dead people. And he was rocking some kickass black nail polish and piercings in the flashbacks.

We see him do his Haley Joel Osment shtick throughout the years, and get hired by Naomi to join Widmore's Freighter Crew. A van full of guys nabs him and warns him not to work for Widmore, but with Miles money talks.

Back in the present (or the 70s), Horace sends Miles out to transport something that turns out to be a dead Dharma body. Miles determines that he was murdered by fellow Dharmas and it wasn't the accident they claimed it to be.

It turns out that Miles's dad is that Asian doctor who's always heading up things at Dharma - and goes by a million different names. But tonight he is known as Dr. Chang. Miles is there too, as a 3-month-old. Now that's freaky.

At the end, some scientists from Ann Arbor arrive -- including Jeremy Davies. And Jeremy Davies knows Miles, so he's totally past/future/whateverthehell Jeremy Davies. Cool.

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