09 April 2009

The Duel II Begins

New Zealand. Sweet. I hope The Flight of the Conchords make an appearance. Or at least Frodo. New Zealand is hella cold. I'd hate being on this challenge. Can't they go back to where hurricanes strike?

The opening credits crack me up. Like, so funny, I'm going to watch them every week just to laugh. Nice choreography, jackasses. It's so angry and hardcore. AHAHAHAHAHAHA

Brad and Tori are engaged, really? YAY Gay Ryan!! Can we get JD on the show with him please? But yay that Ryan and Davis made out. Mmmm. YAY Evan - I love you! We also get the Fat Dude (Eric) and the Old Dude (Mark, who I thought retired). Why does Robin look weird? Because she's skinnier or something? Something happened to her face. And then there are a bunch of people I don't know because I didn't watch the last couple Real Worlds before Brooklyn.

Can they get a new host already? I'm over TJ. But I hope he gets disappointed in someone again; that's always fun.

The first sex of the show is some big-tittied chick named Shauvon and CT. This leads to a confrontation between Adam and CT, because CT thought Adam told Diem. Before the first challenge is even conceived, the first punch is thrown. CRACK! Right in Adam's face. It takes forever to break up the fight. CT punches a massive hole in the wall and then goes back outside after Adam. IT'S THE GREATEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN!!!! I had to rewind it I was giddy with glee. Poor Diem can't catch a break and yet what the hell does she expect - it's CT. He ain't gonna change.

He's like a wild animal, honestly. The producers need tasers, pepper spray, and handcuffs if CT's ever on this show again. Maybe the best part is that they were fighting while Adam was dressed in footie pajamas. CT and Adam both get sent home.

Replacements: MJ (married with a 2-year-old girl) and Nehemiah (still sexy as hell).

The winners of the challenge (Robin and Evan) choose a person to protect from the Duel. Then that person chooses someone of the opposite sex, etc., etc., until the last man and woman are left. In this case, it's Shauvon and Ryan, who then have to choose someone to go up against. Ryan takes Nick (who was injured after the Fat Guy fell on him) and Shauvon takes Aneesa.

Nick loses because the Fattie broke his hand. Nick's a stone cold hottie, whoever he is. He will be missed.

The show ends before the Girls' Duel. But I think I saw Aneesa in the preview for the season. Shauvon looks like one of those female metal rockers of the 80s, like Lita Ford or someone. So we lose 2 players a week - this challenge is going to fly by.

On Kim's advice, I watched the Aftershow. Shauvon claims she didn't have sex with CT. So she probably means technically - like, there was no penetration. She looks like a fun slut - I wish I had watched her season. What was it? Hollywood?

The Aftershow is like Montel or Springer. They bring out Diem (when did SHE get those massive funbags?) and they cat fight over that idiot. Then they bring out CT and Adam. CT's excuse is that "my brother passed away on me." He was shot in a fight shortly before the Challenge. Why do these idiots insist on doing this show when they have real crap going on at home? Is the money that freaking important?

CT's still a dick to Diem. But really Diem needs to just abandon all hope of being friends with CT. Let the boy move on, please, it's only causing you heartbreak.

They do like a slow-mo play-by-play of the fight. That's lame. Let's just enjoy the fight for what it was. Move on. The girls fighting was actually more interesting.


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Shauvon is from the Sydney season and she's a Ho fo sho.

Best show ever!