01 April 2009


Let's get the lame flashbacks out of the way. When they were on the helicopter, Sawyer told Kate all about his daughter in those 2.4 seconds he whispered to her. So Kate tracks down Sawyer's Baby Mama and gives her some cash. Over time, they become close friends (Sawyer's daughter refers to her as "Aunt Kate"). Kate tells Claire's mom the truth about Aaron and Claire. Kate leaves Aaron with her in order to go back to the Island -- to save Claire.

Back to the Good Stuff on the Island. Jin regains consciousness and sees Little Ben, not-dead-yet on the road. Damn. I was hoping Sayid killed him and everything would be all effed up. It's funny to see Kate and Sawyer kind of freak out over the fact that Sayid shot Little Ben.

Juliet needs a real surgeon to work on Ben, so here comes Jack to save the day. Except, he doesn't want to, mostly because he already saved Ben's life once. Kate doesn't like the new Jack. Join the club, honey. I don't like the new Jack, the old Jack, nor any possible future Jacks.

Kate is hell-bent on helping Ben (why? because he's a kid? lame), and Juliet tells her that The Others could help. Kate and Sawyer take Ben across the border to Richard, whose eyeliner must have the power to heal. He says he'll fix him, but Ben won't remember that any of this happened (convenient for time travel anomalies), and that "his innocence will be gone." So... Richard turns him into Evil Ben? Or has sex with him?

Miles and Hurley debate the two schools of thought regarding time travel. Hurley uses Back to the Future rules, natch. They really do nothing but further confuse the issue, and I suppose offer a wink to the audience like, "Yeah we know this is confusing, but go with it, we're making up our own rules." I find it more amusing than anything, it really doesn't bother me to be confused. I'm not going to put the Lost timelines on a whiteboard or anything.

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