14 April 2009

Fringe Is Awesome, Freaking Awesome

Freak of the Week: Animal activists spring animals from a lab. Well, animals and a monster. The monster makes it quite clear how he feels about granola-eating hippies, ripping them all up.

Charlie's attacked by it too, and for a minute there I thought he was going to be taken from me. But he survived the attack, so I thought I was off the hook. Then they determined that the monster plants larvae in its victims... and Charlie got scratched! Now he's "pregnant" with the larvae.

After losing David Silver and losing Tony to the Dark Side, there's no way I can take losing Charlie too. SAVE HIM, WALTER!!

The team goes underground to hunt the monster in the sewer. Freaking. Awesome. Walter gets all self-sacrificial and adorably squishy before killing the monster.

And, as I requested, Walter saves Charlie. Thank god. But now that he has survived, I have to say I was disappointed to see that Charlie is married (I don't know that they mentioned it before), only because I love him and Olivia together so much. I was kind of hoping they'd hook up. Though I'm also fine with them being adorable BFFs.

Puke of the Week: A dead body splits open, brimming with larvae.

Walter's Quirk of the Week: I can't choose between these two. There was an ear in his omelet. And he ate food from a car full of dead bodies. Ew. I can't go with you on this one, Walter.

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