26 April 2009


A couple weeks back, some brilliant mind determined there was a code to the little pictures that are shown before the commercial breaks. The code can be found here. Mike decided to play along as we finally watched this week's episode. Tonight's code: BELL, as in William Bell, Walter's former partner, founder of Massive Dynamic, and experimenter on children. The last glyph hasn't been translated yet, but it could be a W, like "BELL, W."

Freak of the Week: Olivia is the Freak of the Week! She dreams about pushing a woman onto a subway track, and she awakens to find out the woman actually died that way. Walter suspects opium, natch.

Olivia and Pacey go to New York to investigate and the crime scene is just as it was in Olivia's dream. Then she has another dream where she helps a woman stab her husband to death in a jealous rage.

Turns out Olivia is "watching" these murders through the eyes of the actual killer (a dude named Nick), who is somehow compelling these deaths (perhaps unwittingly). Nick was subjected to the same medical experiments as a child that Olivia was, courtesy of William Bell. Bell nicely used the "buddy system" and Olivia was Nick's buddy.

Nick's emotions are contagious essentially. Walter puts Olivia into a hypnotic sleep so they can follow along with what she sees Nick do. She/he visits a strip club, bangs a stripper, and then his guilt and remorse cause the chick to slit her throat.

Olivia figures out where Nick lives. Nick has one of those Crazy People Walls in his apartment with newspaper clippings and notes. He's not home though because he's walking the streets all suicidal. As he walks, people begin following him until they all end up on a building roof, ready to jump. Freaky as hell.

Olivia goes up to talk to Nick and he remembers her, asking her to kill him. When she won't, he sends one woman to her death. She falls on a car next to Pacey and Walter and Walter's all, "I do hope Agent Dunham meant to do that." LOL! Finally, Olivia shoots Nick and the people are released from their trance. She doesn't kill him though, and he's kept in a drug-induced coma indefinitely.

At the end, Walter watches a videotape of a young Olivia held in a cell - and his voice can be heard along with Bell's. I loved this episode, and can't wait for more exploration of what happened to Olivia as a child, what Walter knows, and what this means for them now.

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