16 April 2009

The Duel II

God, I love the opening credits. Worst. Idea. Ever. Thank you, MTV, bastion of cultural sensitivity.

Aneesa defeats Shauvon (The Boob Girl, as MJ aptly calls her) in what was essentially a giant girlfight. No one hugs her goodbye until she begs for it, and even then only like two girls do it. Ahahaha. Can't wait to see you at the next one, sweetie!!

Thanks to The Soup I now know that Kimberly is that racist idiot from Hollywood ("Ghetto Blackville"). Now I'm keeping my eye on her.

Mark and Rachel win the stupid Push the Human Pucks into the Target Challenge. Or at least it was stupid - until they had to sit on the blocks of ice in Speedos and bikinis. Ahahaha. Davis has a big ol' butt.

Picked last: Robin and MJ, because Paula betrayed him and her crew. Ahahahaha.

In The Duel, Robin loses to Racist Kimberly and MJ defeats Ryan. No more gay makeouts. Boooo.

Question: Landon's gay, right? Right?


Anonymous said...

Landon's definitely gay and racists...he called a big black guy an "n" during his season in Denver.....

Anonymous said...

Ummmm. . .that was DAVIS not Landon. Landon was on Philadelphia not Denver, and he was dating a black girl at the time so I think you're 0 for 2.

Kim said...

Landon's just hot, not gay! Sometimes, although rarely, guys can fall into that category.

Anonymous said...

Landon is gay....He may not be able to deal with that or face or realize it, but he is:term is "latent gay"