02 April 2009

The Real World: Brooklyn: Free At Last

I kind of liked this episode. I mean, for this season it wasn't so bad, which isn't saying much. But still, you had the typical final episode where everyone loves each other, then hates each other, then cries when they have to say good-bye. And we finally got some semblance of violent emotion.

Devyn, Baya, and Scott are going to keep living together. They need each other to continue the massive circle jerk.

Most of the roommates go out for a final meal of alcohol... and a bar fight ensues between Ryan and drunken douchebags. It's a pretty nice one. Chet, in typical Chet Poser fashion, thinks he's tough now. Even though I didn't really see him do anything. Tough by association I guess.

Remember all the awesome, crazy pranks the guys have pulled over the last few months? No? Me neither. But they pulled a bunch of lame-ass pranks, and now the girls decide to get final revenge. This revenge includes mixing dog treats into Ryan's cereal, pouring soap into the milk and onto Scott's chicken, and pouring milk into their packed boxes. Wow, these pranks are things you need to get the Health Board involved in. Someone's gonna catch salmonella - that really is final revenge! Damn those girls for ruining the last bowl of cereal Chet and Ryan were going to have before Ryan went to Iraq!! (Yes, Chet actually brought Iraq into this.)

Ryan thinks JD's the one who did it so the guys ask for the girls' help in getting back at JD. But JD did nothing wrong!!! Wow, the girls are freaking bitches for letting JD take the fall. Really. I found this to be horrific. These are the dumbest pranks ever - take credit, bitches!! But the boys eventually believe JD and then bitch out the girls about how they have no integrity. And a lame-ass prank is nothing if you don't have integrity. Prank: FAIL.

Too bad we got the only decent arguments/explosions off something lame like pranks. And too bad we got a final serenade from Ryan. Yuck. (Of course, it's the tampon song.) Get off of my TV screen, please.

More than anything, I'm so pissed this entire season went by without JD making out with Scott. He loves him, you can tell. And I think Scott would go for it. Totally. I can only hope that JD makes it onto a Challenge (he seems like the type of personality they pick for those) and makes out with The Other Gay Guy some day.

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Kim said...

The reunion actually made it seem like there was lots of drama and fighting in the house-- shall I blame bad editing rather than lame-ass personalities and ugly people? nah.