07 April 2009

Fringe Is BACK!

Oh thank heavens, I missed this show like BURNING!

Freak of the Week: A building is scheduled to be demolished, and as it's being prepped the workers find a hidden underground passageway. Living in the squalor is a freaky pale hairless mute kid.

Meanwhile, one of Olivia's old cases is reopened, as a serial killer known as The Artist strikes again. He kidnaps a chick Jame Gumb-style, cuts her up, and puts her on display. The freaky mute kid writes down (upside down, natch) the name of the victim before she's even found. Because he's freaky.

Olivia talks to the kid over M&Ms (right, because that's a good first meal for a kid who has been trapped underground his whole life) and gets an address from him. It's a clue to the next victim, but they don't get there in time to save her.

Eventually the kid leads them to the killer, and Olivia has him sent off to live with a nice family. Wow, that an understanding foster family. On the way there, the car passes the Observer, who of course looks a lot like Freaky Kid.

Walter's Quote of the Week: "I'm sure Agent Dunham knows what a penis looks like!" Oh Walter, how I missed you.

And oh crap next week's looks awesome - a clawed sewer monster? Count me IN!

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