13 April 2009

24: WHUT!?

Tony's still at Starkwood and he witnesses a fuel truck pumping some kind of surface-to-surface missile fuel. Due to that little clue, Tony and Jack figure that's why the President called off the airstrike. They are smart. Jack confronts the President and she confesses. This President has turned out to be just as laughable as the others. SHE'S PLANNING TO MEET WITH JON VOIGHT SECRETLY!? I didn't think Presidents could wipe their asses secretly. She is effing crazy and Jack knows it. He needs to just run for President already.

Anyway, the President not-really-but-go-ahead approves the plan for Tony to blow up the missiles and bioweapons. Tony can do this in his sleep! He's all loaded up with his own Messenger Bag of Death! Go Tony! And just in the nick of time, Tony blows everything to hell. YISS!

Meanwhile, the President and Jon Voight meet and he wants to be partners - the fifth branch of the military. He's essentially blackmailing her - gimme a seat at the table or I kill my fellow Americans. When did this S get this crazy? Once the President gets word that the missiles have been taken out, now she acts all tough and has Jon Voight arrested. He plays the "This thing is bigger than me" card. Of course it is. The season's not over yet.

I officially have zero respect for this President. She's a pussy who likes to pretend she's tough. And Jack and Tony saved her ass. Eff her.

Kim Bauer arrives so she can save Jack's life with her magical stem cells. Kim may be annoying, but Jack loves her so much and I love them together, so I'm glad she's back. She's been trying to track Jack down for a while now, but he's all insistent on not needing her help. NO! Force your stem cells into him, Kim!

In the end, an FBI agent discovers a bad guy with a canister of bioweapon... a bad guy who goes driving off, right through that always-solid "perimeter". Larry and Tony pursue the guy, and Larry gets shot - but then Tony kills him!!!! Smothers Larry's ugly ass to death!!!! Which, YAY Tony, but BOO Tony because he's like fully bad now! OH SNAP, SON!

OK, now this, even more so than what I usually write, is all for my sister. The President's outfit = the outfit I wore in my Senior Portrait. Do you remember it? Because I'm not lying. AND OMG TONY IS BAD!!!!!!!!

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Karen said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I just laughed so hard my kiddies looked at me like I was crazy. That IS your outfit! That's awesome!
1. I called Larry dying because Renee was like "we have to talk about this crazy day" and then Larry approved of action that wasn't on the books, and then Larry showed compassion to Tony in cuffs and then Renee said "be careful." Duh- you're gonna die!!
2. The President story line is lame- no negotiations, not even to drag it out! But I guess the writers need to drag it out
3. PISSED that Tony is bad. I don't like it because either he's going to die at the end of the season, or he's going to be jailed at the end of the season, or he's going to be on the run for next season but still bad. maybe he's fooling everyone again? Only this time he's willing to kill people? BILL WOULD BE ASHAMED! Bad Tony, bad Tony. I don't like it...
4. Grrr all the contingency plans yet again...I mean I understand it, but it's lame. So only hours ago Tony was pretending to be bad, but really bad, but helping out the good guys destroy stuff only to really be bad... Hmmmmmmm