06 April 2009


Bennet doesn't believe that it's Sylar's dead body, because Bennet is hella smart. He pulls the spike out of the back of his head, and when Sylar doesn't come back to life, his suspicions are confirmed. He pieces together that Sylar's a shapeshifter now. There's a nice little scene where he thinks Sandra is really Sylar and holds a gun to her head and throws her around a bit. That's one way to ruin a marriage. All part of Sylar's plan, because Sylar is an evil serial killer who also likes to cause marital discord. He's a bastard.

I really loved Bennet in this episode. He hilariously pretends to be Sylar-pretending-to-be-him in order to trick Agent Vampire and expose their partnership. Badass. But then he really loses his S, all confused about who is real and who is Sylar. Poor Bennet!

Two Men and a Baby hitchhike across the country to reunite the Matt Parkmans. They are quite hilariously picked up by a Japanese truck driver -- a Japanese dude with a hick Southern accent. Yeah, I laughed at that.

Matt is out for revenge against Agent Vampire for Daphne's death. But the pussy can't pull the trigger on Agent Vampire's Russian-escort-girlfriend. He tries twice. Can't do it. PUSSY!

Hiro shows up just in the nick of time to freeze time and stop Agent Vampire from killing Matt. But how did he know to go to Vampire's apartment? That's really random. And terribly convenient.

And everyone's headed to Coyote Sands, for some reason. Wherever that is. Well, it's a place in the middle of nowhere. With a bunch of buried skeletons. Let the fun begin!

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