27 April 2009


Warning: I'm still hella sick and hella testy. This does not bode well for the season finale of Heroes.

Sylar shape-shifts his anatomy around so that he's now apparently even-more-impossible to kill, and disposes of Agent Vampire. He makes everyone believe Vampire is actually him, and he is handed over to Bennet. Then he shape-shifts into Nathan. That's a lot of shape-shifting for someone who has been losing teeth over it.

Hiro starts bleeding from more orifices. First the nose, now the ear, I don't want to know what's next. He and Ando break into Building 26 and find Mohinder, who diagnoses Hiro instantly - his body is rejecting his powers. Now? How convenient.

Claire shows up at Nathan's office and tags along to Sylar/Nathan's visit with the President. What is it - Take Your Daughter To Work Day? Sylar reveals himself and uses his puppet master powers on Claire to make her drink wine. Underage drinking! Now that's just wrong. He couldn't have thought of something better to make her do?

Now why didn't Sylar kill the real Nathan? No idea. Because now Nathan's conscious and heads to meet the President. He and Peter fight it out with Sylar - behind closed doors so as to save the special effects budget. Sylar slits Nathan's throat and it's awesomely gruesome and, for the 16th time on this show, R.I.P. Nathan. Why does it always have to be Nathan?

Sylar shape-shifts into President Worf's Chief of Staff, but he doesn't end up with the President - it's Peter as the President. Because Peter borrowed the shape-shifting power while they were fighting. Kind of cool.

Angela and Bennet get Matt to take Sylar, erase his mind, and replace his memories with Nathan's so that effectively they are turning him into Nathan. Confusing. So now Nathan is really Sylar and at some point one can only assume that Sylar will remember who he is and end up really, really confused. And really, really pissed.

Volume 5 begins 6 weeks later. Tracy is back, taking the form of water, and drowning former Building 26 agents. And Nathan is mysteriously drawn to a clock that he knows is running a minute and a half fast....

All I can say is that with a show this crappy, Chuck had better come back next season.

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