04 April 2009

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Dead Charlie had a picture of Creepy Ginger Girl on his cell phone. Ew. Why? Or maybe it was one of the dead bad guys' phones. That would make more sense actually. I should really pay more attention. John finds it and recognizes her as a patient of his old shrink. So the Gang heads out to find her.

John Henry IMs and calls Savannah and I find that adorable. Even though he's a killing machine and she's a little kid. But they're friends, dammit! They're on the phone when Savannah's nanny is shot and a Terminator comes after her. He monitors the cameras in her house and helps her get away. OMG, he's the sweetest Terminator ever!! The Connor Gang arrives in time to get Savannah away.

BUT THE TERMINATOR SHOOTS DAVID SILVER IN THE FOREHEAD AND KILLS HIM -- OMG I WANT THIS TERMINATOR DEAD! When it happened it just happened in the middle of a scene, out of nowhere, and I just screamed, "NUH-UH!" I could hardly believe my eyes. Well, ain't life a bitch. R.I.P. David Silver. I'm bitter. I'd be more bitter if the show weren't likely to be canceled. Cancel it now for all I care. Without David Silver, I don't want to go on! (But good thing John Henry's still here.)

Savannah's mother, being the liquid-metal cold-hearted Terminator that she is, doesn't seem to be too upset over her daughter's disappearance. Savannah tells John about John Henry, the man that lives in her mom's company's basement. Once she mentions that John Henry has a cord in the back of his neck, John has the greatest "oh eff" reaction.

Agent Ellison sees the Connors on the security footage and meets with them. Sarah tries to explain what went down and then asks to see Shirley Manson Terminator. Cold Bitch Faceoff ahead!

Only they don't get the chance because Ellison double-crosses her (he swears he didn't know) and the cops arrest Sarah. They also give her the beat down, though to be fair, she went charging in beating up some cops, in typical kickass Sarah Connor fashion.

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