20 April 2009


I'm tired, sick, and in a bad mood. Probably not a good idea to watch a show that has been pissing me off lately. I'll try to keep an open mind. Good thing it was a Sylar-heavy episode!

We're 18 hours before the end of the last episode, and Sylar's having a hard time mastering the fine art of shape-shifting. He feels like he's losing who he really is - and gaining extra teeth that he has to pull out. Ew.

Clint Howard! Awesome guest star! That man never ages, but that's not his superpower. He has the ability to - disintegrate things? Sylar kills him in his usual Sylar-fashion, leaving "I Am Sylar" in blood on the wall. The man just has the need to kill, and refuses to be controlled by Agent Vampire.

Vampire tries to help Sylar through his identity crisis, telling him he needs an anchor to remind him who he is. So Sylar gets the evidence from his mother's murder scene and proceeds to discuss things with her. Like, he goes all Norman Bates and has a conversation AS her. And him. It's freaking psychotic is what it is.

Sylar corners Micah and almost falls for Micah's little "I know you're special, man, and you can help save us all" routine. Do-gooder. Once Micah gives him the idea to transform into Nathan, Sylar sends him away and heads to his office. Good thing Nathan keeps a toothbrush in his desk so that Sylar can use the DNA to transform.

Sylar/Nathan holds a press conference and asks the President to meet with him. Because when Sylar/Nathan meets with the President, he'll be taking over his face next! Dun-dun-dun! Real Nathan sets out to stop them from meeting. Sylar/Nathan and Nathan/Nathan meet face-to-fake-face. Sylar's about to kill him when Agent Vampire busts in and breaks it up by tranquilizing Nathan. Then he shoves a knife into the back of Sylar's neck... but it doesn't kill him. So he... missed the spot? I don't know, but I do know that Sylar's pissed and Vampire's toast.

In other news, Matt returns Baby Matt to Janice and is surrounded by agents just as he vows his revenge. And Hiro and Ando break into Building 26 and Hiro gets a power-stopping nosebleed. Nope, really. That's about it. And I'm still tired, sick, and cranky.

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Anne said...

I was totally getting Norman Bates flashbacks tonight! But it makes sense... I think Sylar was long overdue for a psychotic break. ;)