09 April 2009


Flashbacks: The Others live in cool tents and live like they're from medieval times or something. Charles Widmore is there and says that The Island has saved Little Ben's life. Little Ben looks like a Little Girl.

We see Slightly-Younger Ben take Danielle's daughter. He had been sent there with orders to kill Danielle, but once he saw she had a baby he just took the baby instead.

A few years later, Ben has usurped power and kicks Charles off of The Island for breaking the rules. Banished!

Now we're right before Ben went back to The Island. He calls Charles and is all, "I'm going back. So there. And by the way, I'm going to kill your daughter first." No! Not Penneh! Here I was, thinking Desmond and Penny actually had a happy ending. Stupid me. Ben shows up to the boat and is about to shoot Penny when Desmond beats the crap out of him. Go Des! So that's why Ben was all beaten up when he got on the flight.

Present Day: Locke wakes Ben up and Ben's all, oh hi there, you're alive. Ben says that he came back to The Island to be judged... by the Smoke Monster. Mmm-kay. Locke sets out to help Ben with his little judgment. Ben totally pwns that Caesar dude - shoots him in the chest at point-blank range so they can hijack a boat. "My friend and I are taking a boat." Hell yes you are!

Locke's all, "I know you really want to be judged for killing your daughter." The man has a point.

Ben and Locke meet up with Sun in Ben's old house in the abandoned Dharma village. Ben goes downstairs to his secret underground lair to unleash the Smoke Monster by draining a big puddle. No, really. Locke leads them to a temple in search of Old Smokey. Smokey shows his... um... face and then Ben's Dead Daughter Alex appears. She tells Ben to follow Locke's orders and not to kill him, or else she will hunt Ben down and destroy him. That's pretty big talk from a dead chick.

This episode was great because it had loads of good Ben and Locke bits. They're good separately; they're even better together. And I believed Ben when he said he was scared because he claims "dead is dead", even on The Island, and it's unprecedented for Locke to have been brought back to life. That mofo looked scared.

Next week we get a Miles episode where he uses his talk-to-dead-people power. Awesome!

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Lauren said...

When they first showed Ben all beaten getting on that plane a few episodes ago, I was so scared it was b/c he went to kill Penny. I'm so relieved that Desmond beat the crap out of him brotha!
I'm so excited for a Miles-centric episode next week. He is fantastic!