21 April 2009

24 Kills Me Dead

Still sick, but I've sucked it up enough to watch 24. Because I need to see if Tony being bad was all a nightmare. *sob*

First, the other crap. Jon Voight's attorney is replaced by a lookalike and she visits him in White House Jail. I think she represents the group that contracted with Starkwood to manufacture the weapon. She offers him a pill to induce cardiac arrest, and he eventually takes it while being transported to the FBI.

Kim heads back to Los Angeles and calls her husband. He's no Chase, he looks pretty wimpy to me. But he's better than that old vagina face she used to bang. His name is Steven and they have a baby daughter named after her mom, Teri. That name sucks for a baby. She could have named her Jacklyn.

Tony shoots himself in the gut and whines like a little bitch about it. He almost nicked an artery too - hahaha! Self-injury: FAIL. So he had Random Black Dude steal that canister of bioweapon so they can sell it to Tony's "employer", who apparently is the same group that the fake-attorney is from. He helps direct him around the perimeter and generally acts like a boss.

Jack's being debriefed on his day, but he can't resist a big FBI tactical meeting when he sees one. Renee fills Jack in on Larry's death and Tony's injury. Ten bucks says Jack will get those treatments now that he has the chance to save the world again. Well, he doesn't get the treatments, but he does tag along in Renee's helicopter.

Renee insists on seeing Larry's body, so she can have more to cry about. Women shouldn't be FBI Agents or Presidents. Jack eyeballs an autopsy and conducts a 2-second crime scene investigation, and that's all it takes for him to know something is suspicious. LOL! Dammit, Tony, you cannot pull one over on Jack Bauer!!

Sure enough, Jack does some super-intuitive-sleuthing and figures out The Black Guy was laying a trap for the FBI. The dude still blows the building and loads of FBI die. Tony quite hilariously is able to find his man in the wreckage and gets the canister from him.

Jack also figures out that there has to be someone on the inside helping. A nicely-timed call from his Debriefer makes it clear Tony lied to Jack about something. And now IT! IS! ON!

Jack has a seizure while he's confronting Tony AND TONY JUST LETS HIM SEIZE IN FRONT OF HIM, WITHHOLDING HIS MEDICATION! Oh my god, Tony just broke my heart. Officially broke my heart. Mike thought Jack was faking it to prove Tony was bad, but I don't think he was. And either way, Tony's just letting his old BFF seize in front of him.

Also, Agent Park is the new Agent Baker. I love nothing more than incidental Asian agents.

Dammit, Tony, you made me feel even worse. Back to my regularly-scheduled dying and whining.

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Karen said...

Good recap. Kim's not done. It looks like Tony's connection gets discovered by everyone according to the preview for next week. So this BFF tension is going to be the biggie at the end of the season: Jack kills his BFF. OR Jack lets his BFF off the hook. Or Tony is ordered to kill his BFF and can't do it. Tony will kill himself rather than kill his BFF. Or Tony will actually TRY to kill his BFF until Jack gets him back. It's quite compelling! And it sucks!