28 May 2007

Artie Lange: Not Dead Yet!

Howard Stern's sidekick Artie Lange says he's leaving the radio broadcast next January after more than six years with the radio program. Lange made the announcement Thursday, live on the air, stunning his colleagues and even catching Stern off guard.

"I just feel burned out," Lange told The Post. He has been juggling the pre-dawn hours, a brutal stand-up comedy touring schedule, a recurring role on Rescue Me and a guest spot on Entourage.

All the work comes just as Lange tries to battle a long-term drug and alcohol addiction, depression and poor eating habits that have pushed his weight to over 300 lbs. [Editor's note: holy crap!]

During a recent physical, a doctor told Lange that he needed to make some sort of a change in lifestyle or risk death. "I have to find a happy balance . . . none of this is going to be worth it if I drop dead at a Best Western in Milwaukee," he says.


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