31 May 2007

The Old Real World Is Better Than the New Real World

I am soooo digging this Real World: Las Vegas Reunited Five Years Later stuff. I always thought it would be cool to see Real Worlders years later, just wish it was a better cast. But things look good so far! I am totally shocked that Arissa agreed to do it. I'm sure for every season there would be a holdout or two, and would've pegged her as a holdout.

Five years later and they're still going to fight over rooms? Oh come on, that's so Real World 5. There is definitely some nice awkwardness, mostly due to Irulan and Alton being broken up, not to mention them not speaking with Arissa in years. When Arissa said there was a "situation" among the three of them that "wasn't healthy" I immediately screamed, "Threesome!!!" Alas, it was just a dispute over who hit on who. I wonder what the truth really is. I'd have to bet that Alton hit on Arissa.

Arissa and Irulan start to discuss the situation at the bar and then.... SCREAMING MATCH!!! Those girls went AT it! Then at the end Arissa and Alton were screaming at each other. This is great!

Frank still strikes me as a nerd, yet somehow he's a real playa. I am SO glad that Brynn married that dude Austin. I totally remember him and I totally thought they were cute together. I heart Brynn. And I hate Trishelle. But she didn't really do much this episode.

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