24 May 2007

Lost: A Truly Excellent Season Finale

Considering all the heartache this show has put me through, I thought this finale was great. Creepy and cool, like the good ol' days.

First off, R.I.P. Chahhhlie. He died very heroically, shutting down the jamming signal and telling Desmond that the boat they think will save them isn't owned by Desmond's girlfriend Penny after all. How heartbreaking to see Desmond catch a glimpse of Penny on the TV screen. Charlie also told Penny that they were survivors of Oceanic flight 815 before the room was flooded.

I hate Jack. I hate visuals of Jack leading the Losties across the island like he is freaking Moses. But seeing him beat the S out of Ben and threaten Tom were the greatest moments. And about time. Also, Hurley driving the Magic Bus onto the beach and taking out the Others, saving my boys Jin and Sayid. Bernard can go screw. Especially after telling the Others the plan. Jackass. Sayid snapped a dude's neck with his legs like the Iraqi Jack Bauer we used to know and love.

Meanwhile, we have Locke, alive in the pit of skeletons. He sees Waaaalllltttt. Walt looks like a kid who has aged two years, even though he's been on the island for a few months. That's OK - it's Lost, rapid aging is possible.

Despite Locke and Ben saying he shouldn't, Jack makes the phone call to the boat and everyone cheers at their impending rescue. Looks like rescue ain't that great though. At the end of the show, we find out Jack's "flashbacks" in this episode have actually been "flashforwards". Jack had a full beard. Because on television a full beard means you are seriously depressed. He's addicted to painkillers and almost jumps off a bridge. He meets up with Kate and he says they should have stayed on the island. He goes to see someone's body in a funeral home, but we don't know whose. Locke, maybe? Kate says she has to get home to "him." Sawyer, maybe?

The good thing about being rescued: unlimited free Oceanic flights. A small price to pay for free flights, man.

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Jason Giambi said...

LOST and Heroes definitely kicked it up a notch with the season finales this year. This was a great episode....not all cliffhanger and crap, I new there would be a twist ending but that was unpredictable.

Chaaar-lee dying is OK with me, but I wish they would have killed a few more off, but I guess they need to leave something for the next 47 episodes.