21 May 2007

Tony Soprano = Father of the Year

Just got done watching this week's Sopranos. Tony saved his son's life and defended his daughter's honor. Leave it to dumbass A.J. to not even be smart enough to kill himself properly. He puts a plastic bag over his head, ties a cinder block to his leg, and jumps into the pool. Despite my clapping and yelling, "Die, A.J.!", the rope was too long and he was able to surface. Tony got home in enough time to save his life. That was pretty hysterical.

Then, Meadow is taunted by a guy at a restaurant. Tony's look when she told him about it was priceless. He beats the dude up, including a nice indoor curb job. Which resulted in one of the dude's teeth getting caught in Tony's pant cuff. Which he noticed in a family therapy session.

This one was good; I want Phil DEAD, that's all I know.

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